Vision and Mission

I founded CMO to fill a void that exists in many organizations: C-level strategic marketing expertise. Often times B2B organizations, whether led by one visionary CEO or the culmination of powerful executive teams, overlook the positive outcomes that can be realized when marketing is present in the board room.

Your CMO is the voice of your customer. A true CMO is as much business executive as marketer. CMOs research, evaluate, identify, define, shape, differentiate and execute. They plan, budget, assemble, measure, adjust and optimize. The marketplace is a fluid environment, and a true CMO should be a catalyst for organizational transformation.

A CMO can guide your organization from product-centric to solutions-based, from decaying sectors to emerging markets, or from a conglomeration of disparate divisions to an integrated market leader.

The CMO’s role requires an understanding of new media, traditional media and old fashioned common sense. A CMO thinks differently than the CFO, CIO or COO. A CMO thinks about the market, the need and the positioning of you and your product or service. It takes thinking ahead and going to market with the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, via the right combination of tools (which is not necessarily the most recent trend).

My vision is that all organizations, whether large or small, require and deserve C-level marketing. My mission is to empower you to add C-level marketing expertise to your team and, if you do, I know you’ll see the true power of marketing. I believe that by engaging CMO, any organization can Achieve More™.